The Australian Charities Fund

The Australian Charities Fund (ACF) is a not-for-profit social enterprise and the architect, driver and thought leader of workplace giving in Australia.  ACF advises employers on how to develop best practice giving programs.  ACF advocates for workplace giving as the most effective way for working Australians to support charity and, in partnership with the industry, has a mission to see one million Australians giving through the workplace by 2020.

Inspired by a review into the culture of giving that exists in both the United States and the United Kingdom, ACF became aware that Australia’s system of taxation was not conducive to giving. Working in step with the Federal Government, legislation was passed to encourage every Australian in employment the chance to make pre-tax donations to charity.

Following the launch of workplace giving by then Australian Tax Commissioner, Michael Carmody who invited Australians to ‘pay less tax’, each year workplace giving contributes more than $60m to the charity sector. ACF continues to advocate for greater levels of participation in workplace giving knowing the long term social impact that can be achieved.

Since its launch in 2002, ACF is supported by some of Australia’s leading philanthropists and the business sector through its Employer Leadership Initiative. Their collective support of workplace giving, as a means of transforming the giving culture in Australia that is resulting in social change, has established ACF as the most respected thought leader and facilitator of workplace giving. More recently some of Australia’s most innovative charities are now investing in this giving channel to build their capacity to achieve social change. ACF is fortunate to receive total probono support for all operations expenses from Bain & Company; an arrangement that commenced in 2002 and continues today.

We help employers connect to charities in the following ways:

Workplace Giving

Helping employers set up community partnership networks that improve employee engagement and help charities gain a consistent source of funding

Skilled Volunteering

Facilitating business-to-charity volunteering placements to stimulate growth in charities and develop employee potential

Community Strategy

Planning and implementation of strategies to help businesses establish a firm relationship with Australia's charity sector

Our Vision:

"to see significant social impact through employers and community organisations working together"

Our Mission:

"to facilitate engaged employee giving by connecting employers and community organisations by providing advice, capacity building, facilitation and leadership."