‘Alone might contribute hundreds, together it can be thousands,” says Laura, an employee of Good Beginnings, when asked about the recent rollout of their workplace giving program.

As a charity partner of ACF, Good Beginnings understand the importance of workplace giving as a source of sustainable, low-cost funding; this is one of the reasons why Good Beginnings are also giving back to their fellow charities through their very own workplace giving program.

The growth of Good Beginnings has encouraged the organisation to look for ways to further demonstrate its values and help build better outcomes for society. Workplace giving provides another avenue for employees to work collectively towards a meaningful goal.

Jayne Meyer Tucker, CEO at Good Beginnings Australia is a true advocate of workplace giving; “I am a great supporter of our workplace giving program and I am proud that Good Beginnings is playing a key part in the national cause to increase workplace giving across Australia through the Australian Charities Fund’s national campaign One Million Donors”, says Jayne.

In June Good Beginnings’ Workplace Giving Month activity saw a participation increase by 10%. Since the initial launch in November 2013 the program has doubled staff participation and continues to gain momentum every month.

Employees enjoy the team element of the program; “I give regularly via workplace giving because I think this is a great way of achieving an impact as a team. It’s a consistent source of income for charities and it all adds up,” says Laura.

Workplace giving is a win-win-win, employers enjoy greater staff engagement and retention and charities gain reliable, regular funds. For Good Beginnings and its employees, they can live out their mission and help embed change within the community.

The success of workplace giving will take the commitment and collaborative efforts between government, businesses, employees and charities. Good Beginnings are leaders in the sector by embracing workplace giving in all aspects.

Imagine the social impact we could create if all sectors worked together to ignite a giving revolution.

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