For a small not-for-profit, access to sustainable, low cost funding is critical to delivering real impact. KidsXpress, a small non-for-profit knows the challenges of chasing funds to service their life changing therapy program, for children impacted by trauma.

Their program assists over 340 children a year who are impacted by family dysfunction, including domestic violence, effects of parental mental health issues, abuse, neglect and grief. The unique world-first expressive therapy program encourages each child to not only explore their thoughts and feelings, but to find their own ways to cope with them.

Reliable income assists small not-for-profit like KidsXpress to plan and forecast funding accurately, providing the time needed to focus on the task at hand. Through the partnership with Australian Charities Fund, KidsXpress are provided access to regular funding through the workplace (pre-tax payroll) giving programs.

The founder of KidsXpress, Margo Ward says, “with a very minimal administrative staff, chasing funding is time-consuming and with the significant reduction in the size and number of grants available this poses significant challenges for the sustainability of not-for-profits, particularly smaller ones.” For this reason workplace giving provides not-for-profits with predictable, low cost and consistent income. This allows us to create accurate funding forecasts to plan for the future”.

The Australian Charities Fund’s goal to see 1 million Australians giving through the workplace by 2020, aims to draw attention to the fact that this form of giving is largely untapped, with fewer than 2% of Australians giving this way, according to the Australian Taxation Office*.

Workplace giving programs empowers not-for-profits to work towards their societal mission and for KidsXpress changing the lives of more children continues to be their driving force.

“We believe collaborating with organisations like the Australian Charities Fund will drive awareness to grow sustainable funding and also assist to build our profile to foster new meaningful partnerships with organisations and the individuals within them”, says Margo.

Visit the KidsXpress website to find out more.


* ATO FY’12 data states that 160,000 giving (up 54% on 2010); 1.5% of the Australian workforce.