Find out how Devine Limited promoted workplace giving month.

Devine Limited

Campaign: Devine Cares


To increase the participation rate within the business through communication on why giving is so important and how funds can quickly multiply providing greater impact within the community.


The Devine Cares committee members were provided a challenge to increase the participation rate within their business units. The dedicated committee members were the key drivers of all activities around Workplace Giving Month (WGM). Each committee member spoke with employees to provide further details on workplace giving and organised numerous promotional activities, including:

  • Posters
  • Articles distributed throughout the month and placed on the intranet site
  • Each committee member hosted a breakfast or morning team
  • Statistics on the current position of participation rate and future goals
  • Raffles
  • A General Manager email to senior executives encouraging further support
  • A WPG email signature
  • CEO invitation to Workplace Giving Month event
  • Decorated rooms with Devine Cares balloons with donation forms attached at the end of the string
  • Workplace Giving Month events
  • Redkite and KidsUnderCover presented at the events


The campaign achieved great results increasing the workplace participations rate from 39% to 45% with outstanding double donations achieved for the month of June.

Memorable moment:

“One of the most impactful moments of the campaign was when a new staff member asked to join the committee and then shared with the Queensland team why he believed it was so important to be part of something that makes a difference in the communities in which we operate and live. Those few words had many people speechless”

Jacque Courtney-Pitman the General Manager of Corporate Services at Devine Limited.


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