Find out how Good Beginnings promoted workplace giving month

Background: Good Beginnings launched their very own Workplace Giving program in November 2013 and are steadily growing this great initiative. The Workplace Giving program was developed by Good Beginnings Staff Wellbeing and Benefits Team with input from all parts of Good Beginnings. It was seen as a great way to work as a collective towards a shared outcome.

Workplace giving month 2014: Good Beginnings goal for Workplace Giving Month was to ‘Double the Donors’, an initiative to double the number of staff contributing to the program.

Approach: Regular and engaging communications is one element to achieving a successful Workplace Giving Program. The Good Beginnings workplace giving brochure provides its employees insights on the program, the charity partners and thoughts from employees regarding their reasons for participating in workplace giving.

Results: This activity saw a participation increase by 10%. Since the initial launch in November 2013 the program has doubled staff participation and continues to gain momentum every month.

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