Project Description

The CommBank Staff Community Fund is Australia’s oldest workplace giving program. With more than 11,400 current and retired staff donating on a fortnightly basis, making the Staff Community Fund the largest work place giving program in Australia. All staff contributions are matched by the Bank dollar-for-dollar.

Each donation may seem small when viewed alone, but when combined, Commonwealth Bank and its employees are able to make a big difference and achieve real change within the community. The Staff Community Fund is a foundation partner of Midnight Basketball and Clown Doctors, and has supported 1,200 youth focused charities through Community Grants of $9.65 million. The Bank has been actively supporting the Australian community since it opened its doors in 1912.

To truly make a difference it takes a collaborative effort between companies, employees and charities. Find out how join the ‘One Million Donors’ giving movement to create a significant social impact.