Find out how the ‘Small Change’ campaign dramatically improved workplace giving employee participation from only 7% of staff to an outstanding 54%!

‘Small Change’ campaign details are below:

 Campaign name: Small Change

Campaign objective: to raise participation in workplace giving to over 50%

Core campaign message: Your Small Change of $1 a week will make a big difference to our charity partners

Key campaign elements

  1. Teaser – images in tea rooms to prompt thought about what $1 can buy (1/3 of a coffee, 1/5 a box of cereal etc.)
  2. Inspire and create desire – the entire issue of SEEK’s monthly internal publication were devoted to Small Change. Articles profiled charities, detailed the virtues of workplace giving, and also listed $52 reasons why $52 is not a lot of money. Inspirational quotes about charity were posted in the elevators as well as the Small Change logo being displayed throughout the building and on intranet.
  3. Prompt action
  4. A busker played music in our foyer from morning to afternoon. In his open guitar case a large Small Change logo was placed.
  5. E-mail sent to staff in the afternoon inviting participation.
  6. At 3pm chocolate coins were delivered to staffs desks with a personal reminder to sign up to Small Change
  7. Reinforce
  8. A PR release about campaign, as part of Workplace Giving Month and support of the ACF, was distributed
  9. Sign up cards were left on desks offering another way to get involved (in addition to online communication)
  10. A mid-June email update tracked our progress and encouraged more people to participate

Campaign results – participation increased from 7% - 54%, a lift of 771%.

Reception areaWhat $1 can buy - kitchenWhat $1 can buy - coffee makerWhat $52 can buy - bathroomphoto 2photo 4


Download (PDF)

Download (PDF)