Find out how Surf Life Saving promoted workplace giving month

Surf Life Saving

During the month of June Surf Life Saving ran a Workplace Giving Month campaign to generate further awareness of its program which was targeted at both new and existing Workplace Giving partners.


  • Raise awareness of Workplace Giving Program
  • Increase donation amounts from existing workplace giving donors, and encourage their colleagues to also join the program
  • Target new Workplace Giving corporate partners by cold calling 100+ potential new prospects over the month of June
  • Lead from the front by incorporating Workplace Giving as part of Surf Life Saving's (SLS) own HR processes and encourage our own employees to donate


  • Created a presentation introducing Workplace Giving with all researched benefits. This was then emailed as a follow up to the 100+ new WPG business prospects who were cold called as part of this campaign.
  • Workplace Giving Month marketing packs were sent to existing SLS donor companies. Packs included an official Surf Life Saving Rubber Ducky and a handwritten ‘Thank you’ note. This was accompanied by new marketing collateral, inclusive of new posters and sign up brochures to be displayed around the company’s office.
  • The Australian Charities Fund Workplace Giving Month collateral was used on key SLS staff email signatures and was posted on the facebook page which currently has over 27,000 likes.
  • An eDM was made available to circulate to new and existing Workplace Giving partnercompany’s employees encouraging others to join Workplace Giving Program.
  • Targeted emails were sent to specific Workplace Giving donors with recommended text which they were encouraged to post on their company social media sites.
  • Movie Ticket incentive rolled out to both SLS staff and SLS volunteers to suggest leads for prospective new Workplace Giving partners, in return they were awarded 2 x free movie passes. This incentive was communicated in the SLSA president’s monthly newsletter ‘On Patrol’ which is emailed to 90,000 current SLS volunteers.


From 100+ business development calls Surf Life Saving generated further awareness for Surf Life Saving’s Workplace Giving program and  received interest and commitment from 50% of the organisations to create a Workplace Giving program and / or to include Surf Life Saving as part of their existing program.

Off the back of the original launch SLS had 30% of their own employees join the Surf Life Saving Workplace Giving program and this continues to grow each week due to continual internal communications, and the inclusion of a WPG sign up process as part of the new starter HR process.

Surf Life Savings ideal goal is to keep the momentum of Workplace Giving month going throughout the next financial year with the aim to sign at least 2 new Workplace Giving partner companies, whom employee 10,000+ staff, per month, and have active participation at a minimum of 5% per company come the end of FY 14/15.

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