What Is Workplace Giving?

Employees make small regular donations to a charities of choice through their pay. By using the payroll systems, employers together with their employees can make a huge impact to the community collectively. Many businesses enhance their workplace giving impact through company matching, workplace fundraising, volunteering, skill sharing and in-kind support.

Why Choose Workplace Giving?

It’s a win-win-win for business, employees and charities. No matter how small the contribution, employees donate to their charities of choice from those included in their employer’s Workplace Giving program. Employers enjoy greater staff engagement, retention, productivity, reputation and social impact. Charities gain reliable, regular funds and access to valuable skills.

Learn how the team at Collins’ Food have turned donations of 50c or $1 into $2.4M here.

The Benefits

Higher levels of employee engagement, attraction and retention of talent, enhanced brand and reputation, high impact/low cost community investment.
More engaged with their employer (increased levels of pride and motivation), easy, convenient, tax effective, more of their donation gets to the cause, collective impact, sharing time and skills.
Low cost/high impact, sustainable funding, new giving relationships, increased donation revenue, access to valuable skills, expertise and in-kind support.
Workplace Giving gives Government an opportunity to encourage business community partnerships that produce additional revenue and capacity for the charitable sector.

Connect With Workplace Giving

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Workplace Giving Stats

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